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What Is Banker?

Banker Guitars was born out of a love for vintage guitars, and old school American Craftsmanship.  They say that there is a scientific explanation for everything- I disagree.  When it comes to guitars, there is a certain element of magic, passion, and artistry that goes into creating a guitar that becomes an extension of you.  This is not a CNC shop, everything that we create is done using the methods employed during the advent of the electric guitar, completely with hand tools and power tools.  All of our necks are carved by hand, with a rasp and spokeshave.  We select the finest tone woods available, from rare, old growth sinker Belizean Mahogany to fine grade American Swamp Ash.

Our obsession with tone is only bested by our obsession with classic design and looks.  We are inspired by a number of things: old muscle cars, classic architecture, the natural beauty of Mother Nature, and Rock n’ Roll.  We do not intend to reinvent the wheel or advance innovation, the best guitars you will ever play already exist.  Our goal is simply to capture the magic of those great guitars, while imparting our own artistic vision and design to create an affordable instrument that will make any player proud. 

Matt Hughes

Owner, head builder

Sarah Hughes

Admin & Everything Else
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